Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

Rebekah is here today.  She is such fun.  Is playing Winter Olympics.  I have been feeling good for the past week tho the fluid is building up again.  Do have some appetite, probably because the DR took me off the chemo for a week.  My white cells were low.  Go back tomorrow and will see what the game plan is,

We have decided to renovate this house instead of buying.  It will involve hardwood and ceramic tile floors, hopefully granite counter tops, dishwasher, stove, and a large walk in closet on back porch.  Plus central heat and air.  Will be happy when all is done,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

Have been too busy to keep up with my blog.  Had packing to do and we moved 11/22/13.  We sold the house in a week and half, cash sale, no inspection.   Is great to be back in TN and near the girls.  Christmas was wonderful with all the family except Daniel and Kat.  They came in on Jan 1-5.  Have looked a houses but tonight we decided to renovate the house Bob's Mom left to him.  Will take a lot but will be what we want when done.  Hardwood and ceramic tile floors, granite countertops, dishwasher, new stove,  big closet on back sun room, new window coverings.  Will then buy a new bedroom suite.

Have  been on Etoposide pill chemo but yesterday the DR had me stop for a week.  My white blood counts are down. Hope I can eat some extra and gain some weight back.  Have had  a paracentisis twice and both times more than 6 liters drained off.  Of course due to the fluid I had no appetite and was losing weight.  I feel so much better with the fluid gone.

Want to get my sewing room set up so I can start sewing again.  Will have to work on that.
Until next time, so long.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sat Oct 12, 2013

Got home from Tn on Oct 1st about noon.  Was good to get home.  Had chemo on Thurs Oct 3rd.  Was cloudy with some rain that changed to snow Thurs night.  By Fri was snowing hard and ended up with 12-16 in depending on what part of town you were in.  Stayed in all day Fri and Sat.  Actually I just layed on the sofa all day Sat, was really really tired from the chemo.  Went to church on Sun as snow is melting away fast. 
Will spend the week setting up for yard sale on Fri-Sun 10/11-10/13.
Had chemo on Thurs 10/10 and had insomnia from it.  Could not sleep Thurs night, only got four hours sleep and then tried to nap after sale and still could not sleep.  UGH

Rained Fri am so had to wait to open for sale.  Did well tho, sold most of the furniture.  Today was busy and got rid of all my sweaters and just lots of things.  Will open tomorrow if I am not too tired as still have quite a bit of stuff to get rid of.  Then will pack up and give to the Methodist thrift shop.

Trying to find something to eat that taste decent.  Problem with chemo is it screws up the taste buds big time.  Made pasta salad which I usually like, well this time it taste like sawdust.
Time to get back to my book I was reading when I finally fell asleep and slept for about 2.5 hrs.  Really needed that.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Went shopping with Sherie, Susan and Rebekah last night.  Found a new purse as had to return my.  The snap broke.  Found a dress, jacket and shirt for Rebekah and a stroller for Dayton .  Of course it goes to Nick.  Did not do much during the day.

Today will meet up with Sherie at the Bluff City Heritage Days, then go see her new house and to see Dayton, my Great grandson.  He is such a sweetie and I love spoiling him.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 11, 2013

Always remember 09/11/01.

Had a renal ultrasound this morning to check the stent.  Will see Dr Hansen on Fri.  Will go to RMONC to get labs done at 3:00 and chemo tomorrow.  Lucky day, no IV for ultrasound.

The contractor is here to put in the new windows.  Will do closed doors next week.  Then we can finally put the house up for sale.  Are moving back to TN to be near the girls.  

Just got a call from Radiology, must go back for a KUB as they could not see the stent from the ultrasound.  Will write more later.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

Have not written on my blog since May.  Now that I retired on 8/30/13 I should have more time for writing.  Had surgery for a bowel obstruction in June.  Was in the hospital from 6/12/13-6/21/13 and that threw us off getting the house ready to sell.  Was off work six weeks.  Worked half days the first week that I went back and by the end of the second week I decided it was time to retire.  Gave my notice to retire 8/30/13.  Was like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I finally gave a date.

Bob has  been stripping the wallpaper in the bedroom and painting it.  Is a long dirty process but now only needs a little touch up here and there.  Next is the bathroom.  Wish we could get this work done and get the house up for sale.  Having new windows put in the back and end of house and new closet doors in upstairs closets.  Paid half for this on July 1st, still waiting  as the windows had to be ordered.  Got a call last week that the windows are in town and he will put them in this week.  I sure do hope they get done.  Long wait.

The blessing for spring/summer is Dayton Tully, great grandson.  Congratulations Nick.  He is adorable and I an so anxious to see and hold him.  Will be soon.

On Aug 20 I had a paracentesis and felt so much better afterwards.  Drained off 5.5 liters of fluid that had built up.  During the CT scan for that it was discovered the tube from left kidney to bladder was partially blocked so had a stent inserted on 8/26/13.   Hope it works and no more problems. 

I plan to try to load up some pictures with help from Sherie of course.

Today I want to try to cover a chest that I will sell.  The fabric is all torn and have denim to cover it with.
Will write more later in the week.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4, 2013

Nice day and such a joy after all the snow in April, all 35 inches of the white stuff.  Even had 3 in on May 1.   I do not mind snow from Nov-March, but by April want warm days and sunshine.

Sadie, my schnauzer, loves to go for a walk and we went this afternoon.  All I have to do is say "lets go for a walk and she is headed for the door".  Was a little breezy but we both enjoyed getting out.
Hope the nice weather lasts for a few days.

Am sewing for granddaughter Rebekah.  Have made her two dresses with matching capris.  Now making doll clothes for her American Girl dolls.  She is such a joy and fun to sew for as is 7 but soon to be 8.  Will be so happy when we live closer together , is now 1800 miles. 

Am pretty tired as had chemo on Thurs.  This is normal and I just rest a lot and take a nap.